Letting Christ silence our storms

This is probably one of those Gospels wherein most of the characters were perplexed at what Jesus was able to do.

Think about it, is there anyone on earth who could continue sleeping unperturbed, or, what’s more, possibly command a storm to be still by mere words?

But there are three key moments worth highlighting in this Gospel, and are things we can relate to our everyday lives.

Firstly, Jesus invited the disciples to get on the boat to cross the other side.

This is a very relevant invitation even for us, to get on the boat to cross to…

Looking for God in the simplest of things

God is the God of here, there and everywhere.

I love how a reflection I was reading mentioned this. Looking into this Sunday’s Gospel reading, we get to see Jesus speaking to the people in parables. The beauty of it is how he uses very simple images to describe the kingdom of God.

Taking time to really ponder on the Gospel readings, one would realize how God yearns to be found in the simplest of things, and it’s quite possible! We often aim to look for God in the grandiosity of churches and cathedrals, in the awe-inspiring sacred art that…

This is something that has been bugging me for weeks on end, this feeling that I seem to be everywhere, trying to do everything, but I’m actually nowhere, barely doing anything at all.

It’s a feeling that I’ve been trying to process on some days, fight and push back on others, ignore at times, or completely reject it.

When I ask myself how I’m doing with my work, I appear to be okay, but I also feel as if I’m close to drowning, and am doing everything I can to keep my head above water. …

Bringing more souls to love Christ through his very body and blood in the Mass

Ninety-seven percent.

The number of Filipino Catholics who believe that the bread and wine in Mass is the real body and blood of Christ. The survey was conducted by Radio Veritas through its Veritas Truth Survey conducted in a span of one month.

But diving deeper, in asking Filipinos of their familiarity of the doctrine of transubstantiation, in which the belief that the bread and wine, though it retains its physical properties during Mass is ultimately transformed in essence as the actual body and blood of Christ, it is highly unlikely to get a positive rating. …

Understanding the mystery of the Holy Trinity, not just through the eyes of the mind, but through the eyes of faith

Coming into the very first Sunday in Ordinary Time right after the close of the Easter Season, we are welcomed by the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, wherein we are brought to appreciate and embrace once more one central tenet of our Christian faith, that of the divine mystery of one God in three Persons.

Every single prayer in the Church always begins by invoking the Holy Trinity as we make the Sign of the Cross. Every season, feast, and solemnity within the Church always involves an invocation to the Trinity. …

Sunday of Pentecost, how the Spirit works in and through us, and how we respond

Happy Birthday Church!

We’d definitely hear a lot of this from our priests as we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost.

But that’s beside the point of what I’ll be talking about. It’s more about how the Spirit working in and through us, and how we should respond.

I recall about five years ago, when I had to give a talk on the Holy Spirit to a group of young people, some 40–50 of them, if I remember correctly. I thought it’s time I also share it here, perfect for the Solemnity of Pentecost.

We live in a time of confusion…

Two things to remember with the Ascension story

After spending forty days with the Apostles, still teaching them and opening their eyes to Scriptures, the time has come to be with the Father.

The beauty of this climactic episode in the entire Resurrection saga is that, for this Sunday’s readings, we get to see it from the lens of both Luke (in the First Reading under the Acts of the Apostles), and in Mark in the Gospels.

On one hand, Luke shows us that as Jesus ascended, the disciples continued looking to the sky, as if fixated, or waiting for what’s next in this indescribable event, only to…

What does it entail when we are no longer considered slaves, but friends, by our Lord?

Coming into the sixth Sunday of Easter, we continue with following the farewell discourse in the Gospel of John. As I mentioned, it is only in the Johanine Gospel wherein the entire Last Supper episode spans five chapters, and that is because it is the only one that includes a farewell discourse which covers well over half of it. Jesus’ words follow from the past two weeks’ Gospel, wherein the use of imageries were present, those of the good shepherd, and the vine and branches.

But here, he now speaks, not in images, but as himself, of his relationship with…

And how we ought to grow and bear fruit as Christians

During Holy Week, I had the chance to participate in the Pins of Light retreat facilitated by Fr. Johnny Go, SJ (you can read about it here: From Victim to Warrior).

Through the course of the retreat, we got the chance to encounter three different analogies of God, starting with God as the scientist, who, while being very meticulous, tends to ensure total control of things. Then comes God the watchmaker, who, after completing his work, is no longer involved with whatever happens next.

Finally, Fr. Johnny presents the image of God the gardener, who is constantly watering and taking…


When we’re asked to follow, but we’re also among those who bring souls to Christ

We’re halfway through the Easter Season, and the Gospel readings have shifted to the different images of Christ, starting off with that of a good shepherd.

Going through the Gospel reading, it starts with Jesus referencing the image of the good shepherd to himself, and proceeds to sharing what a good shepherd would do when push comes to shove. …

Jan Richmond Tieng

Writing as an avenue for catharsis and to share my story.

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